Technological Overextension: Security, Entropy, Logical Hyperinflation

The accelerating hyper-inflation of information and communications technology networks and systems is an overextended structural entity. The primary reason it does not immediately collapse back upon itself is the existence of uncertainty, useful ambiguity and logical entropy.

The more components and logical relationships we have, the more those systems themselves generate further artefacts, abstractions and entities. Each addition to this global system persistently and automatically generates more degrees of freedom, higher abstract dimensionalities and an accelerating hyper-inflation of this circularly self-referential and recursively self-gravitating possibility-space.

The good thing about this is that the indefinitely-extensible abstract logic and material artefacts, entities or systems can be endlessly reconfigured through recombinatory creativity and self-inflected, intuitive and recursive insight back into the structure of those artefacts, entities and systems. This is also the bad thing and it is the primary reason for the information wildfire and proliferating technological vulnerabilities of cyber security.

Reality – in terms of currently-understood physical laws and abstract mathematical principles – is implicitly biased towards the emergence of spontaneously self-assembling complex systems. Reality is in this way autonomously biased towards open systems and the free and usefully-flowing information and energy-processing patterns that surround us and of which we ourselves are complex instances.

We are attempting to secure our technological systems from the wrong end of the natural flow of information and energy; very much putting the cart before the horse. This is why all of our victories, boundaries and self-congratulatory celebrations will be piecemeal and transient.

There exist alternative solutions.

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