Free Fire: Nonexistence of Self

You do not exist. Not, at least beyond that very limited aggregate of abstractions, words, images, ideas and narrative (or cultural) conventions within which you find yourself embedded and as a transient expression of. It is a little-known fact that from within any non-trivially sophisticated system of ordered symbols, logic and (inevitably, also) psychology and culture that there must always exist unprovable truths. The central (and most useful) pivots of unprovability within any ordered system of thought are those in which that system references itself and in as far as both you and I are concerened – this central node is our own aspirations towards substantive, comprehensive and inviolable certainty of self-definition. The truth here is that this central node of Self is nothing if not conspicuous by its absence and in the presence of such mischievously nebulous foundations, we are perhaps fated by psychology as much as by language and culture to make and keep ourselves busy orchestrating exquisitely complicated rationales and purposes, making and defining objects, relationships, people, identities where – at least in any ultimate sense – there are none.

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