Alien Anthropology

Creativity, Nature and Our Global Disconnect

What is the aggregate consequence of so (very) many people spending most of their lives in concrete and glass labyrinths, bound. Where (almost) all stimulus and perception is normalised, by regularity, uniformity, aspiration to control through linear precedent, by axiomatic illumination of certainty (such as it is) and knowledge, there is little room for the authentic creativity that – ironically – such a tightly-monitored and rapidly-evolving technological mechanism requires to continuously renew itself.

These disconnects between nature and the world we have built upon it are rapidly growing. Psychological, ideological and economic cocoons have become in many contexts and minds almost entirely (and falsely) separated from the source of sustenance, energy and information upon which they foundationally depend. It is a strange world in which this child of Global civilisation forgets after a long-slow and painful semiotic, cognitive parturition that its mother was the source of all life and meaning.


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