Zen, Climate and Love: Disassembling a Fallacy of Difference

Zen is to utterly deconstruct, disassemble and reconceptualise Self and Mind. It is difficult medicine but the mischievous enigma at the core of all of our problems is our Self. Decentralised psychological subjectivity and cultural presence is one in which adversarial competition is dissolved as there is no foundational differentiation between persons, property or places.

Utopias, as I think even Thomas More would have acknowledged, are not without problems but, again, most of these problems are not implicit to the concept of a world without conflict – they are the conceptual and ideological abstractions of difference and dissonance that occur when people try to isolate, to define and to control knowledge, meaning, each other.

The problems and epistemological or organisational detritus of psychological subjectivity (in relation to peace and egalitarian ideals) are almost exclusively consequences of a key fallacy of projective rationality. We project a matrix of order and control upon the world in ways which reflexively self-validate our own aspirations to self-identity and meaning but, having asserted this overlay of difference, information and interpretive meaning, we mistake it for truth.

It is a long journey…

Context: Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: only love can save us from climate change

One reply on “Zen, Climate and Love: Disassembling a Fallacy of Difference”

We are waves in the field of life pervading the universe. There are no particular lives, no births, and no deaths. Yet another brilliant essay, Mike. I also enjoyed the article on Thich Nhat Hanh on “only love can save us from climate change”.

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