Curiouser and Curiouser: The Complex Emptiness of (Self and) Words

The curiousity of narrative is precisely the (very) many degrees of freedom available to the hyper-inflating interior spaces of language and an associated conceptual eloquence of psychologically-resonant teleology implicit to story-telling. The resonance derives from the ways that language and narrative reflexively shape experience, perception, culture and cognition. The degrees of freedom highlight the logical self-inflection of information as being quite the opposite of material aggregation; it is the abstract self-negation of an interior space, the vacuum in the Menger’s Sponge, the consequence of an indefinitely-extensible logic… we do not, however, and as a key point, use language quite so much as it uses us and the psychological blindspot of Self is actually a core reason why we can not understand the Whole, autonomously self-propagating and adaptive information soliton (sic.) that both we and all of our stories inhabit. —– That is, at least, my narrative and I am sticking (as much as stuck) to it…

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