Dark Logic: The Disinformation Entropy Paradox

A curious, perhaps mischievous, property of complex adaptive systems is that they are autonomously biased towards the means and methods of their own optimal continuity, succinct encoding/self-representation and environmental self-propagation. In this sense, and while acknowledging that diverse actors can and do wilfully generate turbulence and confusion, a listless vessel of policy or doctrine is in many ways an expected information artefact of hyper-inflating complexity in this domain.

Seeding dissonant entities into such a context become acts of finesse, of fine-tuning messages for maximal self-propagation. A problem of logic (and physics) in this context is that the degrees of freedom available in any information or communications system – by which structural interdictions or ordered countermeasures might be asserted – also, and simultaneously, provide channels and vectors by which an endemic property of information entropy travels. Strength and vulnerability exist in synchronous superposition.

Where (for instance) a gestalt emergence of partisan turbulence and disorder are themselves the medium through which dissonant information systems obtain maximally-efficient self-replication, we find ourselves ensnared by a very dark logic indeed.

Context: Doctrinal Confusion and Cultural Dysfunction in the Pentagon Over Information and Cyber Operations

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