Enigma: Cartography of Self

The more that our inner worlds become outer artefacts, the more that our personal lives (now – thoughts) becomes commercial or surveillance data points, the more that the porous boundaries of psychological and material subjectivity disassemble and dissolve. A history, a culture, a civilisation predicated upon the ascendance of individuality (and it’s logical complement of tribe, ideology, nation, alliance) finds itself in an enigmatic situation.

An accelerating inversion and invasion of the aspirationally impermeable borders and boundaries of Self (and it’s multiplicity of abstract or concrete metaphors, analogies, corollaries) occurs in direct proportion to a condensation, self-gravitation towards a central point. The more our lives and thoughts are externalised, the less certain or distinct and unique becomes that gold mine of entropy and information that those institutional and commercial entities seek to variously exploit and that they themselves inversely embody.

The dissolution of an amorphous center of Self is simultaneously a dissolution of the disembodied self manifest as knowledge. In constructing these cartographies, we dissolve the cartographers and find ourselves as a map without a navigator: an accelerating enigma.

Context: Scientists develop AI that can turn brain activity into text

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