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Karma Suture: Sex, Genetics and Deception

The intinctual principle and hormonal drive which propels us toward coupling and copulation is simultaneously the psychological symmetry which compels us to seek unity and wholeness where there is, in fact, none.

The last thing that any of us is likely to feel particularly comfortable in acknowledging is that we are all at base the results of random processes and statistical selection mechanisms: from genealogy and ancestry through to the specifics of that sperm and egg which became you.

Even less palatable is the thought that all of our appetites and desires are little more than the cumulative burden and experience of a billion-year old evolutionary mechanism that hoodwinks us, by way of culture and narrative self-identity, into believing that our orientations, our likes and our private fantasies do in any sense actually belong to us.

There is a deep and irreducible psychological rift and elemental discontinuity with which we are all gifted by biological metamorphosis and variegated social or cultural experience. It is an axiomatic incompleteness within us all and all of our confused couplings and regrettable interpersonal mistakes are really little more than attempts to heal this primordial wound and organic rupture.

We roll the dice as though we were in control, as though we truly have a freedom of choice but the truth is that these phylogenetic patterns of autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing are the dice which roll us.

2 replies on “Karma Suture: Sex, Genetics and Deception”

“but the truth is that it is these phylogenetic …”? Anyway, I agree with you; however, the experience of these variegated experiences imposed on us, whether illusions or reality, are quite a roller coaster ride (and worth it to me).

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Ahh, oops. Error in code replication. Fixed. Speaking of genetics here, it is a little ironic that there was a copying error when random copying errors are what provide utility to any evolutionary mechanism. ✌😁

The roller coaster of human life is exhilarating; sometimes it is alienating; other times it is sad; but yes, it has value – not intrinsic but borne of, and made from, experience itself.


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