Alien Anthropology

Against a Mercenary Ideological Economics

Economics provides an ordered symmetry, compelling fantasy and mercenary ideological fallacy of reflexive psychological certainty and control that does not actually exist. Certainty is a conspicuous absence in the base axioms of mathematical logic, the probabilistic entropy of complex adaptive systems, or the volatile neurochemically-driven hormonal broth of chaotic human beings.

The key error we (all) make is to assume that the world of self-propagating information and energy-processing that we inhabit, and that – equally – inhabits us, is under any obligation whatsoever to conform to our very limited spectrum of corporeal wants and neurophysiological predispositions. The diverse patterns and mischievously recursive self-replicating form and flow of human experience and integrated interdependence is a gestalt system which autonomously seeks optimal continuity through and as us.

The world as it is reproduces pattern and symmetry in ways for which all of our own aspirations are mere conveniences. Economics provides a torch in the darkness of implicit uncertainty, a modicum of control but having so long ago been coopted in the service of abject selfishness, it remains there: seeking self-validations and value amid broken machines.

Context: The End of Economics?

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