Fate is a word we use to cast the past (and future) as though it ever could have been anything other than sheer randomness and confusion; we assert an order upon memory or history such that we might reflexively self-define ourselves through it. Fate is another word for a hope of order, meaning or purpose […]

Alien Anthropology

Karma Suture: Sex, Genetics and Deception

The intinctual principle and hormonal drive which propels us toward coupling and copulation is simultaneously the psychological symmetry which compels us to seek unity and wholeness where there is, in fact, none. The last thing that any of us is likely to feel particularly comfortable in acknowledging is that we are all at base the […]


Crazy Circles: Life’s Game of Chance

On a summer Saturday road trip, listening to a song (“Crazy Circles“) by old rock band Bad Company and the lyrics caught me mid-thought on a topic of entropy and political power: “Life is just a game of chance.” While it is true that life is fundamentally random and the large-scale statistical drift into patterns […]


Random You

We are actually all a lot more random and emotional than we tend to realise.