Alien Anthropology

Unifying the World

Some solutions are so obvious that they
are rendered almost completely invisible.

Context: Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation

A key and core critical issue is that, even as the hyper-inflating representational information and knowledge matrices we inhabit find themselves piling specialisation upon specialisation and complexity upon complexity, the underlying (and arguably – overarching) factors that bind – and effectively unify – those systems are being left by the wayside. The extent of this (largely inadvertent but often-enough unashamedly ideological) conceptual and policy vacuum is revealed by vast chasms and ragged faultlines in our socioeconomic metabolism(s) that the COVID-19 pandemic has foregrounded. Paroxysmal epidemiological catastrophe has caused integrated support systems to ring like a broken bell and the dissonant inadequacies and inequities are clearly disconcerting.

The conceptual tool sets, shared intelligence and technologically-mediated vocabularies required to engage enigmas of gestalt systemic inadequacy are already (here and there) freely-available, scattered across dozens of arbitrary organisational, institutional and academic differences and artificially-dissociative boundaries.

Unified systems models possess unique logical characteristics that might initially prove to be uncomfortable, but levelling-up is no longer optional.

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