Global Development as Road to Peace?

As a species, we find it difficult to step beyond competitive biases into authentically (and sustainably) collaborative behaviours oriented towards Global development. The rank antitheses of adversarial conflict and shared sense of community (as self-identity) are so deeply entangled in our histories, our cultures, our linguistic assumptions and our psychological experience that effective and enduring […]

Alien Anthropology

Unifying the World

Context: Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation A key and core critical issue is that, even as the hyper-inflating representational information and knowledge matrices we inhabit find themselves piling specialisation upon specialisation and complexity upon complexity, the underlying (and arguably – overarching) factors that bind – and effectively unify – those […]

Philosophy technology

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: (some) Questions

There has been a lot of media buzz recently about the potentials and limitations of Artificial Intelligence in a general domain of creativity. I have been studying aspects of philosophy, psychology, physics, logic, computer science and art (i.e. creativity) for quite a long time now. A question of Artificial Intelligence as creative agent creates a […]


Understanding Innovation

What is a significant innovation? What are the most algorithmically concise paths in any recombinatory possibility-space between significant innovations?