Alien Anthropology

Unifying the World

Context: Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation A key and core critical issue is that, even as the hyper-inflating representational information and knowledge matrices we inhabit find themselves piling specialisation upon specialisation and complexity upon complexity, the underlying (and arguably – overarching) factors that bind – and effectively unify – those […]

Philosophy technology

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: (some) Questions

There has been a lot of media buzz recently about the potentials and limitations of Artificial Intelligence in a general domain of creativity. I have been studying aspects of philosophy, psychology, physics, logic, computer science and art (i.e. creativity) for quite a long time now. A question of Artificial Intelligence as creative agent creates a […]


Understanding Innovation

What is a significant innovation? What are the most algorithmically concise paths in any recombinatory possibility-space between significant innovations?