Alien Anthropology

Beyond Borders and Political Fiction

It endlessly mystifies me that humanity, in finding itself so much more Globally-connected from an information or communications and technological perspective, simultaneously finds itself so catastrophically fragmented, isolated and divided from itself. It was never that we could not obtain the Universal freedom, direction or common goal that might potentially have united us so much as that the unity we defined did not (actually, logically, materially or as semiotic and psychic currency) exist.

Political identity as a shared tribal community of thought or (as it’s corollary of) individuated psychological presence is a trajectory, a momentum without plausible destination and is only ever partially realisable in, through and as the dissociative Othering of fabrication or fictional closure that aspirational end-games, manifestos and ideological dogmas provide. We orient ourselves as individuals and communities towards closing this circle but never stop to rationally consider that the serially unrealisable nature of any such unity is precisely, paradoxically and poignantly why all we ever make for ourselves is more mess, more trouble.

The whole is so much more than the sum of it’s parts because it is a manifestly open hyper-system; without border, without boundary, self-contained and utterly unlimited.

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