Alien Anthropology

Healing America: not so simple…

Law enforcement officers stand behind their shields during a riot in Kenosha, Wisc., August 25, 2020. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)

A key problem: information and communication systems autonomously self-replicate by optimally-concise pattern encoding methods as an extended consequence of the orientation towards low-energy states. No surprise there, perhaps, for anyone versed in complexity theory but the problem is not necessarily the intractable antitheses by binary poles in this endless partisan argument so much as the fact the central function and message of this dissonant turbulence is itself also the means by which it self-propagates through a distributed system of minds and artefacts.

Cultural, ideological, political information and communications systems are not unlike any other distributed, dissipative information or energy-processing system. The most efficient way of this kind of system acquiring continuity is to prime the environment in which it exists for maximal information transmission. This priming is precisely the dissonant, globally dissociative battle of cultures, psychologies and (let’s face it) emotions.

It is not particularly comfortable to consider that we ourselves might all be the transmission medium for autonomously self-propagating patterns of information in, through and as politics, ideology and culture but it is perfectly plausible.

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