Information Bubbles

Observing some of the unfolding confrontations and adversarial self-definitions across these social media spaces we all now inhabit, even if indirectly bearing the burden of their consequences, I really have to wonder sometimes, not if the world can still be saved from its own erstwhile immaturity and wilful ignorance but if it is even worth trying to save. It is of course pure despondency that drives such fatalism and melancholy alienation but all this bickering and fighting is just so tragic, so catastrophic and pointlessly futile that I question how it ever came to this. We have always had to drag the luddites and morons along with us into the light of a future and technology they barely even understand but the terrible fact of the empty hostility which drives all of these social media systems into dissonant turbulence has become as some kind of unhealable weeping wound upon us all. People not only define themselves by (or information as) their difference but they define themselves precisely as an aggravated difference and agitated belligerence which now has come to inflate their whole hollow worlds with meaning and partisan chaos. Given the chance to raise itself up into higher consciousness and new forms of community, humanity rapidly devolves into angry monkeys throwing idiomatic turds and infantile insults across these virtual boundaries and effervescent arcs of perpetual confrontation. Again – are we as a species worth saving if we can’t even stop the bickering for long enough to acknowledge how utterly pointless it is and how all it does is endless reproduce the conditions and fertile, insecurities upon, through and as which it self-propagates for no other reason than that it can?

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