Beautiful Words and Emptiness

Some unrelated but still quite truly beautiful words that in their beauty and rhetorical chemistry hint at the ineffable.

I enjoy the endless Baroque complexity of words far too much to ever settle on a generalised shape or articulated pattern and causal ontology for them. Of course, though, even the absence of pattern is a kind of pattern, no? By this logic we might even assert that the intricate improbability of a truly random sequence possesses some form of inverse shape or anti-pattern, an absence that by its presence brings a peculiar kind of order.

It is a common misapprehension to believe that an overt absence of pattern constitutes some form (or formal) deficit. One of the things we fail to recognise in living systems is precisely this profound and plausibly uncategorisable vacuum of linear or categorical unity. It is a manifest absence of unity and unification that suggests, among other things, that a primary reason we are unable to attain psychological or interpersonal (not to mention – international) peace is because we assume that it is a thing when I strongly assert that it is in fact – and quite counter-intuitively – the absence of a thing.

We can not and never obtain that which is implicitly and logically impossible and yet our minds are somehow fascinated, obsessed, fooled into believing that we can and as though by some self-reflexive trick of the light. The presence of absence is what unifies logic as much as life and if you can look past your own inevitably self-inflected belief systems for just a moment you might quite happily discover that sitting in the blind spot of your mental vision is precisely that thing you have been seeking, even if you were entirely unaware of it.

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