Infinity Contains Itself

Context: Mind-Bending Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang

Cosmological beginnings. At least one (endless) beauty of compression to infinite density at singularity is that infinity is able to contain itself, in fact – infinitely many times. Holding back on the cognitive entropy bomb that this mathematical peculiarity represents, consider that one of the most fascinating features of this Cosmos is precisely just such an enigmatic twist and constructive discontinuity of (logical) system self-containment.

We have inadvertently been seeking to “count backwards” from infinity for some time now in regards to characterising unified, complex distributed systems in and as emergent self-organisation in nature. These are systems that recursively abstract representations of themselves into higher-dimensional encodings that then loop back to shape the self-propagating momentum and transmission medium upon, through and as which these systems self-propagate.

If we admit an actual infinity into theory as factual, I imagine that we might begin to start to acknowledge just what it means for any indefinitely-extensible and autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing system to logically contain itself. It also sits just outside proof, which makes it an asymptotic impossibility, i.e. fascinating.

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