Evolving Organisational and Conceptual Systems

A fascinating feature of contemporary organisational systems, and at all scales of magnitude, is the various ways in which they subscribe to a simplistic mechanical and linear model of ontology and operation. It is as though, while everyone and everywhere is more than happy to commercially and politically exploit the Post-Newtonian and Post-Industrial Revolution technologies […]


Complex Systems: Life, Intelligence and a Logical Wormhole

Systems continuity and the emergence of useful, creative complexity harnesses the implicit and constitutive logical discontinuity of a holistic systems theory in mischievous ways…

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Time is fundamentally mysterious. In many ways it is the most intimate and omnipresent feature of our existence – what could be more readily apparent than duration, lived experience, memory or the ever-ticking memento of personal mortality which the clock represents ?

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Rationalising the Temporal

Is the experience of time merely a biological curiosity or psychological artefact, a happy accident of life as an aggregate of structural coincidences at a particular nexus and scale of physics and chemistry ?

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A Universe of Infinite Spacetime

Context: What is the shape of the Universe ? Cosmologists believe that they have successfully measured the curvature of the large scale structure of the Universe and that it has returned a result of zero.  To understand curvature in this context – consider a triangle on a flat sheet of paper: its angles always add […]