Transcending Disinformation

Context: The simple reasons online disinformation may never be fixed

It is not only a question as of how best to engage the persistence of disinformation so much as it is of how the Global (as much as political or strategic) information-processing and media system has come in many ways to functionally depend upon the wilful inaccuracy of proliferating falsehoods. Qualifying the previous statement: there is something of an ontological as much as epistemological cross-dependency between any complex system of information or energy-processing with that which it is not.

Truth acquires value in intimate and inverse if generally unacknowledged or obfuscated dependence upon that which is not true. The corollary in cultural or ideological systems of belief and goal-oriented decision-making is that the perceived (if not actual) value of any position is only what it is by virtue of that which it demonstrably is not. This is a rabbit-hole that continental philosophy abseiled down many years ago now and which, like narrative interdiction, perhaps only ever recreates the conditions of its own autonomous self-propagation.

To effectively transcend the linear iteration and heuristics of such logically self-validating state-spaces we need to investigate the aspects of complex systems that do not possess opposites.

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