Competitive Difference is the Optimal State of Complex Socioeconomic Systems


Vertical motion in this chart is a measure of the degree to which any of the organisations or entities recursively and reflexively facilitates global information system self-replication. This is precisely how complex information-processing systems function: they autonomously self-select for those components, entities and sub-systems that optimally bias for the replication of the overall system. The transmission medium here is one of existential necessity.

This is also (and arguably) why one sub-system has not completely taken over, Google notwithstanding. It is in the implicit (and emergent) self-interest of any unified information or energy-processing system to maintain a threshold level of dissonance or difference by and through which constructive entropy, resilience and adaptative metamorphosis endure. This may also be an intrinsic if indirect validation of some form of democracy and capitalism over autocratic and overly-centralised sociopolitical ideologies: diversity of opinions and interests may be imperfect but is much more closely-aligned to what actually and effectively works to invoke sustainable continuity in massively distributed complex systems.

Viewed as a unified system, even competitive (or adversarial) difference and #competition can be shown to be useful.

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