We’re all Amateurs

“That’s all any of us are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.”

Charlie Chaplin

Amateurs indeed, and yet – as with so many things – we perceive not only the implicit limitations of our minds (and lives, collectively – of cultures and civilisation) but also intuit the significant persistence of doubt, uncertainty, incompleteness and undecidability. Where we find limits, exceptions, boundaries and the effectively metaphysical “Otherness” of unknown (and unknowable) facts, we also encounter the unifying discontinuity from which all discovery, all insight and all existential meaning or value derives. The boundaries or artefacts notionally “beyond” our minds are also the endlessly opening doors within them.

Omniscience would, in any case and beyond myriad ideological or transient paradigmatic aspirations to just such a reflexively self-validating psychological control system, become boring. The endemic uncertainty and logical bootstrap of indefinitely-extensible information (as corollary knowledge) systems is both the limit *and* the aperture of recursive insight. It is a mirror of the general economic principle of related scarcity and perceived value that our inability to know everything renders that infinitesimally small amount (and duration of life) we possess as being of immeasurable significance and value.

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