Artificial Intelligence in Medical Surveillance Technology

Using AI to monitor general well-being.

Context: Brave new Netherlands: This Dutch AI start-up is changing healthcare

Michel Foucault‘s observations on the role and nature of surveillance and knowledge were quite on point in regards to this. The nature of a disciplinary/regulatory and /or cybernetic system of social control is such that what occurs in health quickly permeates and percolates through to prisons, military, education and any other nascent or still-forming elements of an indefinitely extensible logic and behavioural grammar of surveillance, power and knowledge.

This is technologically-mediated surveillance that supports life and health. The (reflective, philosophical) point is precisely that the technology is essentially agnostic. Surveillance is neither good nor bad in itself and in many ways is an axiomatic practice within systems of technology and information processing.

It is fascinating to observe just how rapidly and widely AI has infused itself into our technical and institutional systems. It is equally as fascinating to consider how effortlessly we (all) now adopt to the presence of effervescent change and relentless upgrades of technology as normative features of our lives.

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