Competition and Conflict in Technological Evolution

Context: Guess who’s the biggest investor in self-driving tech?

As a general (and perhaps self-evident) observation, note that the sum total of investment at $44 billion would achieve so much more if one company had those resources pooled but that, enigmatically, it is precisely the difference and competition which is driving the acceleration in this space.

In through the out door of socioeconomic and technological evolution: the difference and distance between perspectives and corporate self-interests drives the recursively self-inflected and hyper-inflating ascension of the unified field of technological complexity that they all represent and embody.

The same thing – for better and for worse – happens in, as and through conflict. China, for instance, seeks to decouple themselves from the dependencies and ideological constraints of a Global system. In so doing, they generate precisely the difference and distance that self-validates wilful alienation at an ideological level but which simultaneously provides the necessary (and optimal) transmission medium of insecurity through which technological acceleration as metamorphosis travels.

The point?  Pretty much all sociotechnical development follows this same historical arc and trajectory. Resonant difference invokes a constructive dissonance.

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