On things we can never know…

Context: Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, The Inherent Limitation Of Mathematics

The discontinuous boundary condition at the edge of (as much as being that around which we built) logic, physics and mathematics is a global property, distributed across and as the complex hypersurface of a self-propagating, soliton-like hybrid matter/energy/information system.

It is as though a logical vacuum, a rationally unpalatable abstraction that compels dynamism and diversity both in and as the adaptive, evolving intelligence that conceives it.

Whatever the big picture cosmological and existential revelations might be, a little closer to home lie the intractable blindspots of a persistent cybersecurity enigma that is neither fully resolvable or completely definable; a hyper-inflating entropy.

We have built the hyper-extended cognition of digital technology upon a discontinuity that is as endemic of our minds and our cultures as it is of our sociotechnical artefacts, entities and systems.

Our bias towards difference, tribalism and conflict is a reflection of this.

We constitute an optimal transmission medium for the component microcosms (as abstract instances) of a phenomenon we can never fully understand.

That which remains unknown as epistemologically impermeable infuses all complexity. It is visceral.

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