Alien Anthropology

When the Music’s Over

When it is all said and done, this current and potentially Globally catastrophic war, I wonder what will remain? A broken landscape of human suffering as sown seeds for generations of hatred and retribution yet to come? A barren and scarred planetary desert of radioactive futility? A humbled humanity that yet again sailed far too close to the edge? A peaceful world no longer threatened by dictators and autocratic regimes?

One thing that is certain is that if we manage to destroy ourselves at a Global scale then nothing, absolutely nothing that anyone has ever done, said, experienced or hoped for will mean anything at all. It is easy to become reactive to the political and ideological differences, but it is worth remembering that all of these systems of belief are transient, passing motes of dust in the deep time and grand stage of cosmological history. If we commit the ultimate act of absurdity in civilisation level self-destruction, there will be no more memory, no meaning or sense in which all these conceptual abstractions and beliefs will ever have been anything other than passing ripples on the surface of a darkening sky.

When the music’s over, turn out the light…

Year of the Tiger, indeed.

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