The Totalitarian Enigma

The enigma of the totalitarian state is that it must constantly invoke by provocation precisely those threats and fears that its ideology is founded upon to validate the brute-forced tyrannical exploitation and mobster-kleptocratic oppression of its own people. It is a cycle and spiral of sheer absurdity that would be fascinating to observe as the […]


Ukraine: The Cost of Peace

If an autocratic system depends so intimately upon the obfuscation and misrepresentation of facts it can only be imagined that a considerable effort is also and currently going into cultivating retrospective, alternative histories as supporting narratives and aspirationally self-validating reference frames for each and all of these acts of aggression. It is unlikely that the […]

Alien Anthropology

When the Music’s Over

When it is all said and done, this current and potentially Globally catastrophic war, I wonder what will remain? A broken landscape of human suffering as sown seeds for generations of hatred and retribution yet to come? A barren and scarred planetary desert of radioactive futility? A humbled humanity that yet again sailed far too […]