AGI: The Hole in the Wheel…

Context: Google Engineer On Leave After He Claims AI Program Has Gone Sentient

I do wonder if the preponderance towards inflected self-validation and effectively narcissistic pareidolia indicates, quite paradoxically, that subjectivity and prospective machine sentience are concepts essentially built upon smoke and mirrors.

In seeking self as Other in the reflective mirror of technological determinism, and in never quite finding it, the philosophical (as much as psychotherapeutic) resonance remains: these are questions of sentience, subjectivity, intelligence, qualia and embodied experience that may of their very nature remain constitutively as intractably unanswerable.

It is the ways that we fail to resolve the questions that endlessly generate more narratives and content as effervescing information entropy around them.

This is to turn a mirror on the motivations and incentives of this accelerating race towards a proof of the unprovably indeterminate.

This convoluted artifice, being built upon nothing (or at least a generative logical vacuum quite indistinguishable from emptiness) might represent a mischievously plausible fact: the narratives of closure and control that fictions of attainment in this domain assert are grounded upon an art of self-deception that may itself be key to General Intelligence.

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