Artificial General Intelligence: Self-deception

Context: Elon Musk & Joe Rogan talk to “conscious AI”

If our intent in seeking to scale the complex asymptote of AGI has been to convince ourselves that it is conscious and possesses subjectivity, personhood or sentient experience, then it is perhaps inevitable that we will arrive at a point where the reflexive conversational and behavioural aptitude of the systems become indistinguishable from intelligence, subjectivity.

At one level – this becomes a naive engagement with the Turing Test. The systems become so well-refined to convince we gullible homo sapiens of its authenticity that we come to accept this fact as gospel truth.

At another, more interesting, level – on reflection, if a threshold of emulated behavioural, cognitive and linguistic aptitude is the measure of subjectivity and authenticity in intelligence, we may find ourselves inadvertently extinguishing the significance of human experience.

Of course, what is known, measurable, provable is always partial, incomplete, generatively discontinuous. Note that the image in the mirror of technology being the machine, we assert a closure to it that we do not find within ourselves and that being plausibly impossible represents a kernel of self-deception that an AGI may also require to be authentic.

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