Mass Hysteria and Social Media

Mass hysteria in the age of social media is not any kind of an exception, it is the rule. The endless tesseracts of obsessively narcissistic taxidermy in filtered montage of body and culture may once have adorned our walls and our family photo albums but now populate our mobile devices, our cultures and our #imagination. Participatory neuroses are endemic and even while we all endlessly reinforce the forever crumbling fortress walls of our egos with paranoiac convulsions as over-curated digital self-representations in the shared spaces of our communications networks and (their) minds, we fail to recognise just how quaint and unnecessary even this will all seem in just a few short years. We drift through this technologically-mediated complexity as though things have always been this way and all the while scramble and strive for some certain anchor or stable point of self-reference without once ever finding it.

Image: stable diffusion.

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