Kessler Syndrome

The Kessler Syndrome is a clear and stark reminder of just how intransigently daft the militarisation of space might eventually prove itself to be. One idiot with a missile and LEO indefinitely inaccessible for everyone. No less painful than the consequences of even a limited exchange of nuclear weapons (anywhere) but, if you noticed, the […]


Bill Gates: Rolling the Dice on Nuclear Power

Context: How Bill Gates’ company TerraPower is building next-generation nuclear power As a general observation, *anything* which measures safety as “analyzed by deaths per unit of electricity generated” is a worry – it is a normative expectation of inevitable fatality. The technical solution described is interesting and certainly shifts the hazards and juggles the entropy […]


6th Mass Extinction Accelerating

Context: Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn …and all the while, humanity stumbles and lumbers around from one profoundly tragic self-inflicted catastrophe to another, all but blind to this darkening existential threat and profane insult to life itself that emanates like dusty, choking smoke and tar from the ill-purposed machines of civilisation.  What […]