Putin can not control the wildfire he has started

There really is little doubt that the political leadership in Moscow have entangled themselves in a monumentally catastrophic historical failure and no amount of extremist nationalistic rhetoric can free them from this mess or incentivise their own long-suffering people to free them. It is starting to become clear that this political class of kleptocratic psychopaths […]

Alien Anthropology

Nuclear Blackmail is an Imperialist’s Zugzwang

Ideological psychosis is quite real and plausibly only persists and serially, cyclically reoccurs in political systems because it represents the amplification (and inadvertent self-validation) of potential psychological fallibilities in every human mind. Putin’s pathological obsessions are part Machiavellian opportunist, part ignorant misanthrope, part kleptocratic mobster but I think the kernel core of his position on […]


Kessler Syndrome

The Kessler Syndrome is a clear and stark reminder of just how intransigently daft the militarisation of space might eventually prove itself to be. One idiot with a missile and LEO indefinitely inaccessible for everyone. No less painful than the consequences of even a limited exchange of nuclear weapons (anywhere) but, if you noticed, the […]


Bill Gates: Rolling the Dice on Nuclear Power

Context: How Bill Gates’ company TerraPower is building next-generation nuclear power As a general observation, *anything* which measures safety as “analyzed by deaths per unit of electricity generated” is a worry – it is a normative expectation of inevitable fatality. The technical solution described is interesting and certainly shifts the hazards and juggles the entropy […]


6th Mass Extinction Accelerating

Context: Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn …and all the while, humanity stumbles and lumbers around from one profoundly tragic self-inflicted catastrophe to another, all but blind to this darkening existential threat and profane insult to life itself that emanates like dusty, choking smoke and tar from the ill-purposed machines of civilisation.  What […]