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Disentangling Cognitive Biases

Cultural and cognitive information systems (and the individuals they inhabit) are implicitly oriented towards the systemic self-replication of patterned complexity.

What makes the issue of cognitive biases particularly intractable is that the lowest-energy, algorithmically-optimal symmetries that cultural, cognitive and linguistic information systems (autonomously) cultivate in order to maximise their own self-propagation are not necessarily also optimally utilitarian. From an information systems perspective: cognitive biases are not a bug, they are a feature.

Identifying and disentangling causal factors (in logic or physics) from their psychological and cultural consequences is a uniquely complex problem space. Effective remediation is an exquisitely subtle matter as it appears that the qualitative faultlines of cultural and cognitive information systems are the most probable locations to observe or apply efficient message optimisation, functional recursion or compression heuristics.


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