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Unattainable You

You can not be whole for the same reason you can not control the world – there is at base no controller, knower or self and this is the greatest unacknowledged enigma of our world.

Beautiful – photography (and possibly also shadow) by Erwin Olaf – and all frames of reference are haunted by just such a necessary shadow and silhouette of unfinished or amorphous perception, of sentience and of life’s melancholy longing for itself. In defining, refining, the beautiful we seek and in various measures find reflexive self-validation and definition or partial continuity but always, always, at a cost of an invocation of mandatory distance, difference and that associated cultural dissonance of incurred entropy and alienation.

We love, or are oriented towards our fantasy by, in and as desire, but in so doing – the identification and structural overlay of language, symbol and meaning leave us in alienated orbit and free-fall around our Object. If we were ever to attain it, our self-defining difference and distance would vanish, and so would we – so we must encrypt mystery into our actions and representations, lest we discover that there is not actually any substantive ego self to inhabit all of these self-propagating, recombinatory and hyper-inflating logical and referential spaces.

We engage desire to rescue ourselves from the essential fact of our own non-existence.

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“A Heart and Its Seasons”
(Raanana, June 20, 2017″

These are the constellations of love:
A heart revolves around another heart
That, in its turn, revolves around yet another
In ever-increasing orbits of unrequited love.

And these are the seasons of a heart:
Hope born of young breast when life is just beginning
And seems so eternal and everywhere you touch,
Love born of hope in the heat of ecstasy
Between two skins fused together
And enfolded within each other,
Hopelessness in the realization that love’s wings have melted
And you are falling falling falling,
And lovelessness which is the realization
There is nothing more than this
And the unending winter of the soul.

But as the earth rotates and revolves
Through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter,
A heart goes through its seasons
And hope reawakens from its winter,
As long as you and I exist.

(c) Mike Stone

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Thanks Mike. That is evocative. Emotional existence is complex, exasperating and profoundly essential to our psychological encoding, or the encryption of culture into (and as) each one of us. It seems that the dissonant confusion we (all) face when encountering the facts of emotional life are intractable and must, for this reason, serve some essential purpose – that is, beyond keeping the poets and the philosophers well-stocked with creative inspiration and endlessly extensible cognitive artefacts. ☺

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Aesthetics precedes logic in the sense that a logical mind often will find a well-formed formula, an elegant proof, a proposition, or turn of phrase beautiful even before finding it to be true. Aesthetics teaches us to appreciate symmetries, proportions, perspectives, and compositions which often appear in (and may be considered a prerequisite of) some such assertions (e.g., String Theory’s need of 11 dimensions). It may well turn out that a sense of aesthetics created the fertile groundwork that allowed logic to grow and spread its roots.

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