Alien Anthropology

Broken Machines

The image in the mirror of the world is that limited comprehension and linear system by which we might successfully (or at least partially) render our own selves. Taking our own projected image and anachronistic mechanical logic of causal intent or purpose as being a self-evident and unquestionable intuition of the way the world functions, we are compelled to categorically deny the possibility of a world system beyond this limited intellect or subjective economy of meaning. Of course, it could only ever be the case that a whole civilisation and emergent cognitive (median) aptitude should find itself and it’s own self-validating proof at every encounter or engagement with that projected algorithmic and procedural reality of it’s own fabrication. The world moved on, as it tends to, our technologies and our problems continued to multiply but, like Narcissus, we remain fixated on the fantasy of this logic – our own reflection and archaic, broken dream of completeness and control. Our world is a broken one (because it could only ever be so) and in providing ourselves with that limited range of intelligible problems that our mechanistic thought itself cultivates, we generate the endless purposes and reasons of a self-validating and utterly futile, mindless repetition.

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