Alien Anthropology

Zentropy 0

The constructive entropy of Self is a recursively self-gravitating nexus and node or focal point of patterned complexity. This Self is not your possession so – there is no justification for an individualist or ego-driven narrative. Self is not a possession of the world you inhabit -entailing that socialist agendas are similarly fallacious.

The history of unresolved adversarialism in politics as an artefact is itself really nothing more than a psychological model, an amplified ethical framework and the consequences of a cognitive grammar writ large. This is indication enough that there is a significant problem here. As with any enigma that we may ever hope to successfully untangle, prospective answers are rarely what you might at first expect them to be and generally derive (or emerge) from a clever recursive application of the core axiomatic entities of a problem to themselves.

The core entity and axiom of all political theory, of all psychology, and the key element and characterisation which inflates almost all of our ideologies and philosophies in one way or another – the Self and the ways in which it as a logical and symbolic entity is inflated – is both the problem and the solution. The Self is both question and the answer, and that – which if we aspire towards fully defining, understanding or coming to understand in mature and informed ways – we must also (and necessarily) negate.

Using set theory, we can proceed to construct an infinite sequence of natural numbers by constructively inflecting and encapsulating an empty set within (and through) itself. Within a domain of psychological, political or complexity theory we can seek (and find) sufficient justification for the reductive negation of a multitude of entities and systems through subtraction and negation; ultimately arriving at emptiness.

The constitutively discriminating and limited intellect and cognitive faculties we all share bias us in fundamental ways to perceive relationships and structural symmetries as binary, relatively discrete and linear. This is and can only ever be an incomplete approximation to explanation.

Reality – and Self – is simultaneously a thing and not a thing, a presence and an absence. Beyond the aggregate mystical wisdom of 10,000 years of recorded history, the insights of the poets or the profound (and often unsettling) logic of the physicists – the exploration of emptiness and Void is the key to understanding substantive reality, the optimal organisational systems of sustainable civilisation, and of Self.

The most difficult truth of all might be to acknowledge that there are truths which must always remain unknown, because you are one of those truths. The Klein bottle of sociological topology is one aspect of this and will certainly be touched on at some point but the next waypoint here may have to be one a almost (but not entirely) psychotherapeutic in nature. In coming to understand how the basic symmetries of our minds and our Selves function, we should perhaps not be so surprised to find deep and unifying, if potentially unexpected, principles at work.

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