Alien Anthropology

Mind, Information and Entropy

Information Entropy: expect the unexpected – it is not just a measure of thought, it constitutively is thought.

It is not surprising that the symbolic abstractions and mental worlds of homo sapiens arrive at incompleteness and negation but “deficiency” is a word perhaps altogether too easily attributed affective, emotional qualities.  The indefinite extensibility of (both) logical and material systems, and each in their own ways invoking parameters and probabilities unique to their own abstract or concrete expressions, invokes a general principle of incompleteness, openness or intrinsically “organic” character and possibility.

An analysis along these lines finds that the degrees of freedom available to a purely abstract, logical construct of symbolic and conceptual cognition is many orders of magnitude vaster than the relatively Spartan  recombinatory opportunities available in material systems at a human (not quantum or relativistic) scale and energy quotient.  No surprise, then, that it is in the mischievously self-inflected “negation” of indefinitely extensible logical, mathematical, cognitive and linguistic constructs that biological and (indeed) technological information and energy-processing systems find an apotheosis.  These “degrees of freedom” are measures of information entropy and, perhaps, also of mind.

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