Fake News is an Inevitable Consequence of Difference

How true it is, but how simultaneously true that: As a gestalt information and energy processing system, the world (of culture and cognitive-extension in, through, and as technology) is one of difference and dissonance in which each might experience themselves as a unique or tribally-affiliated individual.

This autonomously self-propagating algorithmic gestalt is oriented towards a logically-discontinuous principle of error-encoding self-replication through difference and dissonance; a principle of self-propagation that encodes for entropy as both possible metamorphosis of code or pattern and probabilistic medium of transmission.

We inhabit this difference and dissonance (as information entropy) in equal measure to the degree to which it – Sellars’ “manifest image” –  inhabits us and all of our aspirations towards knowledge and self-determination are inflated by the orientation of this system towards redundancy through difference and resiliency through a distributed genomics of pattern self-replication.

Political, ideological or (other) tribal difference is a recombinatory dissonance by which information most succinctly self-propagates. Fake news is an abstract manifestation of this principle undergoing accelerating free-fall.

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