Alien Anthropology

We’re on the Road to Nowhere

The kind of puzzle indicated here are commonly associated with a genre of social media clickbait that often leads down a steep rabbit-hole of commercial datapoint acquisition. Cambridge Analytica’s artful gullbility-harvesting tests were a case in point and emphasise a significant correlation between (personal) online identity-construction and the production of an implicit informational value around that data. We might even observe that this self-inflected introspection of social or cultural identity-construction is always and already the recombinatory internalisation of external ideas, idioms, images and narratives.

This (world) is an effervescent cultural and socioeconomic matrix that thrives on the axiomatic ascendance of notions of difference, of individual and cultural or national self-definition and the variegated information associated to (and generated by) it. However, there is no sense in which the internal world of our experience is a self-consistent and isolated artefact or entity. The flip-side of this is that our shared world is not (and never could have been) a whole or self-consistent and identifiably complete unity. Both side of this equation are missing something.

The logical void and abstract (informational) vacuum that instils momentum into all of this adaptively dynamic and integrated complexity is the fact that the unity of self and world is precisely (and counter-intuitively) the logical ABSENCE of unity, manifest both within and AS itself. Self and world are both hyper-inflating referential spaces, a self-propagating void that we are particularly poorly-equipped to understand through our native psychological and teleologically-oriented narrative bias. We are nothing and we are nowhere – and it is wonderful.

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