Disinformation Technology

A Waxworks Brad Pitt, faking it…

Where we speak of disinformation it is quite plausible that we do not reference any kind of antithesis to information or the logical, structured and relatively well-ordered patterning upon which cognition as much as civilisation depends. Rather, disinformation is a functional representation of the inconsistencies and discontinuities that are endemic, irreducible and omnipresent to (and in) cognition, language, culture, communication and (to loop it all back upon and through itself) as the cognitive hyper-extension of technology itself.

Consider that information entropy as a generalised concept or presence in distributed communications systems represents BOTH the discontinuous uncertainty and salience of falsehood AND the intrinsic and indefinitely-extensible kernel (as innovation) of all logical and structured or ordered systems. Where we most often stand, much like King Canute, attempting to command this tide of error and  misrepresentation to cease, we fundamentally and foundationally misinterpret the ontological properties of these communications systems with which we are engaged.

Disinformation is available for leverage because it is one Janus face of the irreducible extensibility of logic itself.

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