All my hollow sorrows haunt me.

I am as though that myth that as soon as you stop believing in me, I cease to exist. The beliefs we hold are very much like this but it is (also) we who stop existing when they vanish. For this reason, but perhaps not only for this reason, we all find ourselves committing to concepts that primarily replicate and validate this reflexive dependency of self upon belief; necessarily and also – of belief upon self. This allows us to structure and nurture systems of belief as narratives of implicit abstraction that do not require any grounding upon reality and, in fact, the resonant ambiguities between reality and fiction rapidly become further self-validations and self-propagating rationales of this whole complex.

These phenomena are not isolated to individual minds, although they can certainly be existentially alienating and emotionally isolating. The natural bias of information and energy-processing systems as concept or culture is to seek autonomous self-propagation both through and as us. What we often misunderstand is the that the core nature of these labyrinths of participatory narrative dissonance is not one of being owned or possessed or even of justifying any form of enduring or sustainable self-determination. These systems of information and energy, of narrative or belief and experience are merely passing through us as though clouds drifting upon an empty sky.

It is our reflexive, instinctive and learned attachment to these endlessly breaking narrative myths and beliefs that is the primary source of all of humanity’s suffering, both as individuals and as some shapeless confusion of aspiration to meaning through the hollow and haunted games and grammars of what is very often a fictional tribal unity. These are the games of words and worlds that only exist in as much as they play themselves both through and as us. The level of sophistication and effective self-development that lies beyond this is one that we (all) do not in general possess sufficient intelligence, or perhaps (and simply) even the correct types of intelligence, to obtain but it remains as an open possibility.

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