Alien Anthropology

Swipe Left

I’m a disavowed “swipe left” in this world of manifest superficiality and instantaneous digital gratification; not much interested in the narcissistic hedonism of commercially-mediated myopia and all these profoundly narrow behavioural games and shallow conceptual vocabularies, I really am completely out of place here. Nevermind that all we ever do by embracing and chasing all these mnemonic shortcuts and abject simplicities of shared technological desire and its omnipresent effervescence of symbolic alienation-as-difference is to make ourselves more lonely, isolated and distant from each other and ourselves, that even as we swarm like bees to the saccharine transience of sparkling spectacular inconsequentiality, we only ever find our own essential emptiness there. In seeking by any and all means (but generally through the simplest and shortest, most effortless and lazy paths) to even aspirationally or notionally belong, we become anything other than satisfied consumers of our own fictions as this absurd theatre of fantasy dreaming and then come quite catastrophically and unwitting to resemble precisely those hollow haunted others and culturally-homeless outsiders that we seek to disassemble and disavow by our fascination with the narcotic virtual seduction of the most utterly spoilt, selfish and self-obsessed individuals on the planet. Do you think that these idols, influencers or assorted oblivious and blithering idiots are actually happy in any true or enduring and ultimate sense?

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