Turning a profit from loneliness…

Turning a profit from loneliness through the promise and perfect fantasy of attention, loving gratitude and intimacy from beautiful people is the essence of all entertainment, all media and – if we’re to be particularly honest about the underlying psychological symmetries – of all business, all politics and all ideology.


An Anatomy of Melancholy

In what ways might melancholy and a gradual (or rapid, accelerating) slide into sadness or feelings of hopelessness be the natural heir of organic experience in a material world that is always and already dissonant with energy diffusion and the endemic thermodynamic burden of what amounts to irremediable emotional and corporeal loss and decay?  All […]


Diary of a Sad Man

It is all (a) dream; neither good nor bad – just a hyper-inflating referential labyrinth of recursively self-gravitating emptiness. The mental abstractions and grammatical rules upon which we have built an entire Global civilisation (such as it is) are really nothing much more that the self-inflected introspection through which our own diverse ways of life […]

Alien Anthropology

Instagram Influencers

Human beings copy each other, it provides a modest respite from implicit psychological insecurities. They copy each other copying each other because they are tribal creatures and for all this aspirational social or cultural identity construction – they are all so easily led, swept away by trends and peer pressure or commercial desperation. After a […]


The Emptiness

There may be something tragically inevitable in the procedural hollowing-out of social lives in an era of accelerating and technologically-mediated hyper-connectivity.