Hollow Beautiful

We are at times in danger of being so swept away by the symbolic, cultural and affective psychological tokens, artefacts and accessories of superficial beauty that we all might become little more than the hollow shells and vessels upon which these idioms and abstractions seek their own autonomously self-propagating continuity, through us and as us. […]


Diary of a Sad Man

It is all (a) dream; neither good nor bad – just a hyper-inflating referential labyrinth of recursively self-gravitating emptiness. The mental abstractions and grammatical rules upon which we have built an entire Global civilisation (such as it is) are really nothing much more that the self-inflected introspection through which our own diverse ways of life […]


Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

Somewhere in the deep dark pit of indeterminate catastrophe that we call our shared Global history, we find ourselves endlessly seeking reasons, causes and inviolable proofs to explain just why our world is the way it is. Our linear, narrative minds are so entrained and reflexively conditioned by these visceral, intimate experiences of time and […]

Alien Anthropology

The Emptiness Between Us

These are the empty spaces and hollow places that we now find, not merely between each other but also within (and as) our own selves. It takes at times a catastrophic disassembly of that intimate experience of living and of each other for us to be able to finally perceive the truth within which we […]