Intractable Uncertainty in Nature and Mind

Context: Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable

What happens if we are to assert this reflexive tesseract of indefinitely-extensible symbolic information as abstraction at (and as) the beating heart of autonomously self-propagating, soliton-like logical vacuum and necessity that compels this Universe forwards? What might it mean to engage with uncertainty, incompleteness, undecidability and a self-gravitational reflex of endless recursion as anything other than the cognitively, culturally and (let’s face it) politically unpalatable essence and vacuum that it embodies for this profoundly immature species?

Even while the material bias is towards dissipative dynamics of an unwinding decompression into the dissolution of low-energy, high-entropy states – the parallel thread of information and energy-processing (i.e. “natural” computation) is towards abstraction, symmetry, pattern and informational complexity.

With sufficient ontological perspicacity we might here intuit two systems that each contain and functionally compel the other while both being mirrored in and as one system that contains and compels itself.

Logical incompleteness is not at the periphery, it is the center.

The issues we face in matters as diverse as Cybersecurity and Climate Change are also shaped by this.

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