Autocracy is Addicted to Fear

We all know that the mobster kleptocracy has been catastrophically miscalculating at least in part due to a narrative dependency of getting high on its own supply of disinformation but in the monumental strategic blunder that this invasion represents they display the kernel core of a neurotic psychological pathology. An implicit orientation towards the positive […]


The war’s decisive moment…

…indeed it is, but the mystery is as to why the gambler proceeds to throw good money after bad, to dig a deeper pit of despair and suffering around the catastrophe that they alone have summoned into a world for which such brutal atavism should by now be little more than a receding historical memory. […]

Alien Anthropology

Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is a growing phenomenon. It is a problem-space defined by the deep irony that the more connected we all become by the putatively “social” information and communication technologies, the more isolated we all feel ourselves to be. In this context, expectation is fundamentally, foundationally discontinuous with experience.