A.I., Creativity, Copyright and Plagiarism in Art

Context: Copyright infringement in artificial intelligence art

I know a developer that pulled all their code from Github because of Copilot. It is an interesting area of study because, much as has been said of Mozart, AI in its variously generative species are in essence not doing anything profoundly new, they are doing what has been done before – only better.

The patterned self-abstraction of representational (as referential) systems, encoded in idioms and stored in diverse (if convergent) transmission mediums, is precisely what complex systems engage in.

This natural bias, inflected as embodied intelligence or fabricated artefact, entity or system – it is what creativity (and life) both is and does.

The fact that (essentially ontological) questions of identity, boundary, possession, ownership and intent resurface in and as the not-quite-entirely-autonomous products of machine intelligence is itself the generative product of this particular kind of system dynamic.

It is rarely acknowledged but the generative discontinuity of competitive ambiguity and an unresolvable indeterminacy that orbits the technologies and artefacts as questions of identity and boundary (etc.) are actually the primary transmission medium in, through and as which they maximally self-replicate in their environments.

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