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Technology: Utopian Aspirations?

Utopian aspirations are inevitably three parts marketing and one part plausibility. While communication (as much as communications platforms or technologies) is necessarily a matter of endlessly effervescent linguistic or logical self-inflection, the implicit openness of our contemporary context and the cognitive hyper-extension of technological complexity represents cost and burden as much as it does utility.

A key political enigma here is that of a commercial and economic dependency upon accelerated connectivity and logical hyper-inflation, while still seeking to apply an inertial (constitutively: hindering) oversight, governance, surveillance and effective control. In attempting to wilfully shape the effectively unmanageable entropy encoded into accelerated rates of technological change, we tend to unwittingly produce ethical grotesqueries and vastly greater social and economic costs of future maintenance and governance.

Utopian aspirations or negotiated (but not necessarily happy) medians must always return to the central pivot of psychological subjectivity that, even as it is flung into a vacuum behind the speedboat of technological acceleration, is hardly even aware of it’s own profound and irreversible metamorphosis.

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