Digital Philosophy

Metaverse: Virtual Unreality

The philosophical question remains: is the hyper-extended cognition of abstraction into virtual worlds a running towards or away from reality, from ourselves? Utopia, dystopia or simultaneously both? We should not be surprised that, just as with any journey or symbolic displacement of subjective identity and experience that, regardless of the embellishment or sophistication of the […]



Context: Facebook Changes Name, Announces AR Layer Over Physical Reality Utopian fantasy tends to follow a predictable arc as much in ideology as in technology. The cognitive consequences will be constitutively dissociative and alienating but then, all technology simultaneously empowers and inhibits. A recent study regarding the shrinking of brains some 3,000 years ago aligns […]

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Technology: Utopian Aspirations?

Utopian aspirations are inevitably three parts marketing and one part plausibility. While communication (as much as communications platforms or technologies) is necessarily a matter of endlessly effervescent linguistic or logical self-inflection, the implicit openness of our contemporary context and the cognitive hyper-extension of technological complexity represents cost and burden as much as it does utility. […]


Utopian Entropy

Utopian approximations towards self-organisation is emergent under sufficient circumstances and in well-tuned resonances.