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Online Communication: Talking Underwater

All of this online communication really feels a bit like trying to talk (or shout) underwater; no one can hear us and no one is really listening or paying attention anyway.  The greatest misdirection and deception of this is that while we are (all) here pouring our hearts and minds out into this digital information […]

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Information Age: Influence and Deception, the Omnipresence of Conflict

A game of information, influence and seeded (or targeted) turbulence is unlikely to be winnable (or won) by reproducing and reinforcing the structural, organisational components that merely reproduce and self-validate the axioms, grammars and rules of that game. These games are won by rewriting the rules; by extending an existing grammar and logical framework in […]


Digital Gluttony: from Kardashian to Kardashev

From postcard Kardashian to podcast Kardashev: a veritable smorgasbord of digital choice unfurls itself before us.  From the ridiculous to the sublime (and back again), so much noise, so much emptiness, so much colour and so many hues of bland grey.  Feeling somewhat adrift upon this ocean of information, we are lost for effective words […]