It’s a general observation of human nature that those among us who most deeply need to trust or depend on others are often also those least able to do so. A further complication and irony of this is that it is commonly those whose trust has been broken who both incessantly seek and foundationally fear […]



Some truths of inner self dawn upon us all a little later than they should. It was just a couple of years ago now that I found myself sitting in a meeting of technical professionals discussing some lofty software vision or planned improvement for the forever leaking bucket of logical or administrative and bureaucratic extensibility; […]



The more we all become digitally connected, the less we actually and sincerely connect. There is a vast (and possibly inevitable) vacuum of trust and faith in each other, in interpersonal or international bonding and in humanity. This lack of trust leads us all, for the most part, to seek to share and inhabit the […]

Alien Anthropology

We lonely atoms…

…and these, all of these bodies, these artefacts and inscriptions that were once dust will once again be dust. These that were once lonely atoms drifting in all of cosmic space and time will once again be set free to wander. Many, many trillions of years from now even atoms will devolve into a slowly-dissasembling […]