Unity is Emptiness

We do not wear these mercurial masks anywhere near so much as they wear us, we do not inhabit these digital cultures anywhere near so much as they inhabit us, and we do not lose anything by casting aside our reflexive aspirations to ordered patterns of control so much as ordered patterns of control lose us.

We see things as we (all, diversely) do and assume that, for all the multiplicity of shifting realities and identities with which technological metamorphosis presents us that these kaleidoscopic ephemera and hybrid ontologies must absolutely mask some underlying fact and unity.

What happens if (and when) we discover that the mask was not hiding anything, any more than Self or Truth was? What happens (if and) when we realise that the lack of unity in the mirror of the world is implicit and endemic; that a failure of the mechanical and algorithmic to bridge this ancient metaphysical void is inevitable; what happens when we realise that the absence of completeness and peace or satisfactory sociological equilibrium precisely IS the unity and peace we had all (always and all ways) dreamed of?

There is something foundational that we are missing in our models, theories and descriptions. We can’t level-up until we acknowledge this.

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